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You seen the website and maybe watched a video or two - so you know a little bit about us. It goes without saying that you want us to play at your next event - Right? In case you don't know we are fully self contained band. In case you don't know what that means - We have all our own equipment. As well as the music, instruments and the band itself The Stiles have a full PA system with microphones, amplifiers, sound mising equipment, monitors and stands. we will make sure that the band plays at the volume you want at your event. We can provide you with an MC and compere. Our musical repertoire is extensive and we are aware that what works for one venue may not suit another. So we can work with you to ensure that youare getting what you want.
Contacting us is straightforward. Please use the form on this page. We try to reply quickly. Alternatively you can contact us through our Facebook Group or send a text message via Facebook Messenger. The links for those are below.

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