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My early impressions are that I rrew up in a house where music was God. My Mother was a singer who used to sing with Johnny Kidd (Johnny Kidd and the pirates) before he became famous. They were childhood friends in Wilesden where I originally came from.
In our house we had a mixture of music and this is where it began for me; Frank Sinatra, Cliff and The Shadows, and, of course, The Beatles. From my Dad's side we had Tom Jones, Johnny Cash and the Dubliners to name but a few. The first record I bought was from a jumble sale "The Tender Trap".
Apart from a total fascination of all things Lennon and McCartney I also developed an ear for Reggae. The Trojan label records soon piled up and I was still only about 12 years old.

As I got older, I decided for better or worse to learn the Guitar. So around the age of 16 my dear old Mum bought my first Guitar.That  followed, at the age of 18, with my then girlfriend buying me another. To my detriment I played, or learned to play, on and off for the next few years. I eventually joined a band when I was 21. They were older boys who had more experience, but it taught me well (pretty much the same today!) At that time I was mainly a vocalist and rhythm guitarist but it was not a bad old band.
My first "serious" band was with a great old school friend of mine and my Sister's Boyfriend. The band leader wrote great melodic rock songs in the theme of Pink Floyd or Genesis, but my love by then was the wonderful 'Squeeze' and I just wanted to perform good old British pop. I am still a huge fan today and see them whenever possible.
This is, in a nutshell where we are today, I am, in essence in a pop band.....mmmm lovely. (a bit of Squeeze wouldn't go a miss).

My guitars: Fender Stratocaster. As a guitarist I sound best on one of these, I've tried them all, there is no other for me. Also an Electro-acoustic Ibanez which does the job, and a rather lovely Epiphone Sheraton, which is rarely used.

Favourite sounds: Pop, Soul, Rock and Reggae.

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