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I have been a drummer and singer for most of my life. I I have been a drummer and singer most of my life. I started playing professionally in the 1960s and back then I have played in just about every club and pub in London and its surrounding areas. As well as being a member of a few bands, I have also supported major names and acts along the way. I consider myself to be fortunate enough to have played for legends like The Shirelles and Roy Orbison. Roy is one of my all time favourite artists. A total gent and a gifted singer. I also provided drums in the recording studio for dozens of well known artists who were laying down tracks in that period. Drummers in those days didn't always get a credit on singles or albums - If they did I would be here all day listing them!  In the late 60s I joined a group called Styvar Manor  which was signed to Parlophone records. As a band we released several singles. One came close to being a hit! I always enjoyed singing harmonies, so the sound that Styvar Manor created was really suited to me. After touring Germany and the UK the band split up, leaving me free to persue my drumming on a more regular basis. In the mid Seventies I joined the Hanover Grand Organisation as a resident drummer in their Caledonian Club. They also had a venue called The Cockney which I also played in. The Cockney, as name suggests, tried to recreate the feel of the City of London with Pearly Kings and Queens etc, whislt The Caledonian had a Scottish theme. They had one more venue - The London Room - It was their premier venue, located on Drury Lane in the West End. Whilst at the Caledonian Suite I was offered the chance to play in the resident band at the London Room - I almost bit their hand off!
All of the Hanover Grand venues were good, but The London Room was a different ball game altogether. It was in the heart of the West End. Live music with dancers were on the bill every night. With household names and TV stars appearing regularly. The Nolan Sisters had signed a five year contract to headline six nights a week. It was in this very sophisticated venue that I met my partner, Denise Nolan.  After the Nolan Sisters left the London Room I joined them working in concert and cabaret. Denise left the act in 1978 to persue a solo career. So, for the next thirty years or so I was with her, acting as her MD and drummer. I played the World over on Cruise Liners, Cabaret and Theatres. Later on I was introduced to Pantomime and have had tons of fun playing drums to an altogether different audience.
I decided to concentrate on running my business in more recent years. But there's still the musician in me that yearns to play. I had a few gigs here and there, playing for people like Joe Brown and Chas & Dave, before I joined The Stiles. I can't tell you what a joy it has been. The lads are all gifted musically. We have the same sense of humour and enjoy each other's company. There's nothing better when you are making music than to be making it with people who are like minded. The final results speak for themselves.
Jazz is my first love musically. Mel Torme is my biggest musical hero, but close to him I find Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald, Peggy Lee, and Jack Jones. I also have a love for more contemporary music like Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Neil Sedaka, Richard Marx and Chicago.
I finally managed to get the drum kit of my dreams recently. It was a real high buying it. I think the Mrs nearly had a heart attack at the price!! But I think if you are playing music professionally then the crowd deserves the very best. I look forward to seeing you at the gigs!

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